Crown XS 1200 (Archived)

Crown International announced the addition of the Xs 1200 to the Xs Series of power amplifiers at the Winter NAMM trade show in Anaheim. The Xs 1200 is the highest-powered model in the series, providing 1,100 watts per channel into 4 ohms for customers demanding more power within the Xs Series. Designed with mobile DJs, musicians and regional tour companies in mind, the Xs Series offers compact, lightweight. The new Xs 1200 really rounds out the Xs Series, offering a high-power option for driving subs and high output loudspeaker systems,” noted Larry Baker, Market Director for Portable PA, Recording and Broadcast at Crown. “This new amplifier offers a whole lot of Crown power for the money, and makes the Xs Series complete, with models to power the whole system, from monitors, to mid-high cabinets to subwoofers.”

Crown XLS 602

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