HK Audio Projector (Archived)

The perfect rig for playing successful gigs in tents, halls, and open-air events, PROJECTOR weds audio expertise gained with big touring rigs to the advantages of HK AUDIO Active Systems. Brawny enough for big bass sounds yet ultraresponsive for rendering fine dynamic details, four horn-loaded 18″ subwoofers with 600 watts RMS each pack a mighty low-end punch, even over longer distances. Courtesy of a 12″ speaker and 2″ driver combination, the horn-loaded mid/high unit ensures complex signals remain clean and articulate all the way to the back row. A truly professional tool, PROJECTOR sports classy details such as rugged 18-mm birch plywood housings, PowerCon mains sockets, and Aeroquip flight tracks on the mid/high units. Compact housings furnished with rugged 80-mm casters make the system easy to roll and a pleasure to set up.

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HK Audio Projector

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